China’s green planning for the world starts with infrastructure

by Adrienne Lawler
January 2, 2019

Hard to believe that the following story is over a year old, but I came across it by accident on a terrific site called ‘The Conversation’ and thought it a telling trailblazer for the forthcoming event around Responsible Asset Owners Global in London in 2019..

For anyone interested in China’s investment in Infrastructure and Green Planning, definitely worth a visit here and worth reviewing any previous ideas on where either the problems or the solutions for many of the worlds’ most pressing issues lays.

The United States is retreating from the global community under a president who rejected the Paris Climate Accords and denigrates NAFTA and NATO. This provides an opportunity for China to play a greater role in global affairs. 

This provides the backdrop for the 19th Party Congress, as China seeks to balance external influence with domestic economic stability. One area in which China can exert greater influence is infrastructure, an urgent issue for development. According to the OECD, supporting development worldwide requires yearly infrastructure investment of US$6.3 trillionuntil 2030. With knowledge of development honed through decades of rapid domestic economic growth, China is well placed to shape global development in ways that may define the rest of the 21st century.

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