Money talks. SWFs shout.

by Adrienne Lawler
August 9, 2018

With all the concerns and worries over Brexit, its easy to think there might be a lack of confidence about investing in the UK. Not so, it seems as financial markets registered that Qatar’s Sovereign Wealth Fund was putting it’s money where our mouth is;

Tribune News Network, Doha

Qatar has poured almost £3 billion into UK real estate and infrastructure during the past 16 months in a vote of confidence in post-Brexit Britain, according to a Financial Times report.

Doha has made the investments even as it was under an unjust blockade. The investments include £1.1bn into infrastructure projects and £1.7bn into real estate, Qatari officials said, and are part of a £5bn investment pledge Doha made to the UK in March last year.

“We committed we would do £5bn in three years and we are already ahead of this,” Minister of Finance HE Ali Shareef al Emadi told the Financial Times.”We expect during the [next] few months [going] forward we are going to do more investments.”

Despite the uncertainty over the UK’s decision to leave the EU, Emadi said Doha still believed Britain was a”good market” that offered investment opportunities.”I always have this feeling the UK economy will remain strong, it will be a key factor for us, for the region,” Emadi said in an interview.”If we see good opportunities we will not limit ourselves to any certain amount.”

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