Speakers Dr Rachel Melsom
Dr Rachel Melsom

Dr Rachel Melsom is Director of Tobacco Free Portfolios for the UK and Europe, and a practicing Doctor.
Rachel completed her first degree in Genetics in London in 1987 following which she pursued an extensive career in advertising, commercial media negotiations, founded an intellectual property consultancy, and developed interactive media programming for production in the USA.

In 2012 she qualified as a Doctor, with a desire to improve healthcare practitioners’ understanding of the financial implications of the delivery of excellent clinical care; the need to integrate this understanding into cost effective care delivery models, including managing both the care and the precipitating factors of disease.
Tobacco Free Portfolios focuses on the medical and societal cost of continued investment in the Tobacco Industry, addressing the effect of the product and the wider cost of smoking to society, encouraging Tobacco Free Investment.

Rachel also works part time in the Department of Medicine for the Elderly (DoME) at Worthing Hospital in Sussex. Worthing was one of only three acute trusts in the UK awarded the highest possible ‘Outstanding’ rating in their recent CQC inspection.

Rachel has been advising independent medical businesses on company structure, commercial project development, partnership development, and business growth, since 2011. See her full 8 minute presentation covering the financial risks behind tobacco portfolio investments here