Speakers Mark Burgess
Mark Burgess

In keeping with the view of Australians propensity for ‘telling it like it is’ HESTA’s clear statement for being what they stand for is “We speak up for others. We’re dedicated to people in health & community services. And, we’re committed to creating better futures for our members, women and in fact, all Australians.”

They go on to say “Our Financial Inclusion Action Plan aims to improve Australia’s financial resilience.” Judging by the stunning performance of their fund value, what they are doing is working and explains just how Super this SuperFund is; https://www.hesta.com.au/members/investments/super-performance.html

Mark was previously CEO – Future Fund, Australia’s $150bn Sovereign Wealth Fund. He has worked internationally including as London based Executive-Vice-Chairman and CEO of Credit Suisse Asset Management (EMEA). Other global CIO roles for Credit Suisse (Equities and Multi-Assets), American Express Asset Management, Colonial First State and Bankers Trust. He is Chairman of Australian leading asset managers Yarra Capital and Jamieson Coote Bonds, Director Northern Territory Infrastructure Development, advisor to IP Group (Aust.)  and director of OMFIF Foundation in London. He also Chairs a charity, DB Foundation and a leading School Board and is Honorary Fellow of University of Melbourne