Where does Responsible Investing go next?

by Adrienne Lawler
May 20, 2019

Dave Sumner Smith Working with The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Oracle & others to make top-level connections in Finance & Investment

Socially responsible investment began in 1758 Quakers banned slave trade investment. Later it included civil rights, gender equality & other issues. The landmark study “Who Cares Wins” in 2005 led to the integration of environmental, social & governance (ESG) factors into investment processes. By 2013 data showed corporate sustainability performance links to good financial results. Investors now take ‘responsible investing’ increasingly seriously.

But what now? A new global series of events for ‘responsible asset owners’ is impeccably timed to answer the question. It starts with the first Responsible Asset Owners Global Symposium (https://lnkd.in/gvD2hBa) on 8th October in London.

The event brings together a great line-up of big players from top asset owners such as Hermes, LPP & the Irish Strategic Investment Fund, the founder of Norges & delegates from major investment partners who will discuss and debate the latest developments and key areas of investment interest for the global Asset market. Take your place at this first one day conference by registering at https://lnkd.in/gvD2hBa or contact the organizers at http://bit.ly/RAOcontact to discuss other ways in which to get involved. hashtag#ESG hashtag#social hashtag#investment

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