Why active management is the key to sustainable investing

by Adrienne Lawler
4 weeks ago

What is the added value of active management when it comes to sustainable investing?

Sustainable investing is firmly in the spotlight. In our view it’s all about allocating capital to companies run on sustainable business principles.

Companies all over the world are waking up to the fact that we are now in ‘the next wave’ of innovation. Where for example innovation began with the Industrial Revolution, followed in the mid-20th century by the age of oil, automation and mass production, to the more recent age of digitisation, information and telecommunication. We are now entering the next wave: the transition to a sustainable economy.

Society at large is in this significant transition to a sustainable economy with associated risks and opportunities for companies. It is a transition demanded by society. And it will become ever more urgent as we all begin to feel the effects of climate change and scarcity of natural resources.

How to stay ahead of this sustainability wave and contribute to this transition to a sustainable economy? Based on the latest research and supported by case studies and empirical evidence, we put forward the argument for active investment.

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