Speakers Martina Macpherson
Martina Macpherson

Martina is President of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets, a global non-for-profit ESG think tank and social network for the next generation of sustainable finance experts. She is also the Founder of SI Partners Ltd, an independent consulting firm specializing in (extra) financial risk management, legal and compliance, research and analytics solutions. Martina is a doctoral fellow at ICRMP UK, a visiting fellow at Henley Business School and a guest lecturer at the University of Zurich. She teaches and trains industry professionals such as investors, corporates and regulators (e.g. the FCA) in risk management, compliance, sustainable finance, ESG and impact investing. She sits on a variety of sustainable finance working groups, advisory boards and panels to assess and report on the status of the market.

Martina received the “ACE” Award for ESG product innovation by S&P Global in 2017, and was listed as a Top100 Influencer in tackling “Modern Slavery” in 2018. She is in charge of the direction and content for BrightTalk’s SDG webinar series (160,000 subscribers).